Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rolled canvas vs. a stretched canvas vs. a wood canvas?

Rolled canvas means that it has not been stretched, it literally comes in a roll much like wrapping paper. This allows the artist to cut custom size canvas pieces. When purchasing a rolled canvas, the buyer then takes it to a local framing/art shop for it to be stretched and mounted onto wood stretching bars and framed (if desired). For this reason, the price of a rolled canvas is less. A stretched canvas would already come mounted on wood stretching bars and can be hung as is or framed (if desired). A wood canvas refers to a
painting that is done directly on a wood surface that serves as the canvas. Most wood canvases Todd uses come ready to hang.

Is there a difference between acrylic and oil paint used in paintings?

Oil paint consists of pigment mixed with drying oil such as linseed or walnut oil which gives an oil painting a little bit of a glossier look and feel. Acrylic paints are made from acrylic acid mixed with water, making them water based. Todd likes to use acrylic paint because they can be used on multiple surface types, they can be blended for texture and crisp edges, and they serve as a good adhesive when using materials (ie. wire, feathers, etc.) in a painting. Both are used in fine art, and often it is a matter of artist preference.

Is resin primarily used to protect a painting?

Resin can protect a painting, but Todd sometimes uses resin on pieces to provide an extra glossy and smooth finish to his artwork and it can also serve as an adhesive for when materials are used in a painting. The resin surface on the painting can be cleaned by lightly wiping the piece with a dry cloth.

What is Indian ink?

Indian ink comes from carbon black pigment, which is made from ash mixed with a binder such as water, liquid, or glue. It is permanent and opaque, and mixes well with other colors, adding a cool dense tint. It is widely used by painters, illustrators, cartoonists, and tattoo artists.

Are the paintings in the staged photos true to size?

In some cases, the staged painting in the photo is true to size but in many cases the painting is larger than its actual size for easier viewing and to capture the colors of the painting. The purpose of the staged photos is to provide some sense of what the painting might look like in a home or office. We recommend you use the size of the painting given in the painting details to measure the space on your wall for best sense of size.

How can I tell if a painting I want to purchase will look good in my space?

We understand that sometimes you might hesitate to buy a painting because you are unsure how it will look in your space. There are many apps that are out there to help superimpose a piece of art into your specific space to help you make decisions. One that we find user-friendly that is free is the PictureThat app, however it is currently only available on Apple devices. We are working to identify some of these for you and will update this response soon.


Does Todd do commissioned pieces for clients?

Yes, Todd is happy to do commissioned work for clients within the United States but it often depends on timing, number of paintings and size desired. Pricing for commissioned work may be a bit higher. If interested in having some work commissioned for your home or office, please contact us. In your message give us a sense of what you are looking for and Todd will get back to you in a timely manner.